International workshop „SOS Proteus“

During the weekend, on 10th December, we attended the second international workshop „SOS Proteus" CONSERVATION OF BLACK PROTEUS AND ITS HABITAT – 30 YEARS AFTER ITS DISCOVERY about conservation of the olm and its underground habitat. The workshop was organized by Slovenian colleagues Gregor Aljančič and Magdalena Năpăruș-Aljančič u Črnomlju, Slovenia, within the project „Invasive species never rest: raising awareness and prevention about the negative impact of invasive species on the European threatened species" (2016-2017). The entire manifestation was significantly attended and lots of research about habitats, ecology and conservation of the black olm were presented. Lectures were given by Croatian, Slovenian, German and Hungarian scientists. At the end of the workshop a trip to the Jelševnik spring, the habitat of the balck olm, was organized.



Boris Sket, University of Ljubljana - held the key note lecture on the workshop



Gregor Aljančić, organizer - at the end of the workshop held a discussion, conclusions and next steps in conservation of the olm and its habitat


The black olm (Proteus anguinus parkelj) is restricted to only four springs in Bela Krajina, SE Slovenia, an area of only 50 square kilometres. It was firts found in 1986 on the Dobličica spring. Clear differences between the white and black olm are in the morphology of the head, colour of the body and the development of the eyes. Proteus anguinus parkelj is a very endangered animal. The name „parkelj" was given by the Slovenian scientist Boris Sket who also described it. It got its name after its black body colour and red gills which resembles the devil (parkelj = Slovenian for „devil").


Proteus SOS-crop

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